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I told you this is a personal blog. I am basically the average tumblr user.

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Behind The Name →






Gender: Female
Origin: French



Name not found.



Wise Child

Gender: Female

Origin: Arabic


Innocent Lamb
Gender: Female
Origin: Hebrew



Gender: Female
Origin: Greek

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    Clara Clear, bright Female Latin
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    Name not found. Wow……
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    Farideh Unique Arabic
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    Jessica Wealthy Female Hebrew HAHAHA no. I’m way into my overdraft as usual, so that doesn’t match up. Ending on an...
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    Natasha Rebirth-From Anastacia Female Greek
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    Kerensa Love Female Cornish
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    Jessie From the name Jessica Female Hebrew Rose Of the Rose Blossom Female Greek
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    Camilla Young, Virginal Female Italian
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    Bethany Life-town near Jerusalem (according to this website) Hebrew While that is an accurate description of Bethany,...
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    Kailey Laurel, Crown Female. American
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    JessicaWealthy Gender: Female Origin: Hebrew
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    Brittany From Britain Female Britain I lol’d so hard
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    Aurora Goddess Of The Dawn Female Greek I’m a goddess… This is pretty awesome! *runs off to rule the world*
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    Alexandra Protector of Mankind Female Greek
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    LindsayLinden Trees Near The Water Gender: Unisex Origin: English
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    Aria Melody Female Italian Except we pronounce it weird.
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    Daniela God Is My Judge Gender: Female Origin: Spanish I’m an atheist and I’m not a big fan of spanish. Yay.
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    Gwendolyn Female Welsh PFFT yeah ‘fair hair’ more like rat’s nest
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    HeatherFlowering Plant Gender: Female Origin: English So boring….
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    Eric, Honorable Ruler, Male, Scandinavian
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    Ophelie Name not found. … *cheats* Ophelia Helper Female Greek
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    Alexander Protector of Mankind Male Origin: Greek
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    Kevin Handsome/Beautiful Male Celtic/Gaelic *sparkle*
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    Holiday Not Found. ..Ihatethisgame.
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    KatePure, Virginal Gender: Female Origin: Celtic/Gaelic
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    Kelli Warrior/Defender Female American
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    Behind The Name: Shannon Little Wise Owl
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    Lisa Consecrated To God Female Hebrew OMG I AM LAUGHING SO HARD RIGHT NOW YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!!! xDDDDD
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    Rachel - Innocent Lamb Female Hebrew. i are lamb. hear me BAAAAAA.
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    Morgan The Edge of the Sea Gender: Unisex Origin: Welsh I already knew these. :B Always loved my name meaning.
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    Tabitha A Gazelle Gender: Female Origin: Hebrew I was named after Samantha’s daughter on Bewitched, though. 9_6
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    Caroline Beautiful Woman Gender: Female Origin: Latin
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    Meghan Pearl Gender: Female Origin: Celtic/Gaelic
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    Lacey From Normandy, France. Female. American.
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    Victoria Winner, Conqueror Female Latin
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    Danyle Name not found. ….. okay.jpg. ;__;
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    Renne - Renee Reborn Gender: Female Origin: French ciaossu~