Hi, call me Matsu. I have lots of feels. Please feel free to talk to me.
You should be warned, this is a personal and multifandom blog, so you should be expecting ranting, fangirling and personal problems or chatting, therefore nothing consistent.
Expect shipping. Lots and LOTS of shipping. TV Shows. Books(it's a recent passion, a late one at that) Comics(mainly The Avengers). Anime. Games (Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect, etc ). One special podcast (WtNV). Youtubers. And others.

Post are/will be sporadic, so don't expect anything consistent.

I told you this is a personal blog. I am basically the average tumblr user.

All kinds of shit happen here

"Chris and I have been in a lot of dark places together, and the thing I love about Chris, we met over some ‘apple juice’ and it was like one of those experiences where there’s a dude you meet and you’re like ‘Man, you’re a cool dude.’ Then a whole bottle of ‘apple juice’ later you’re like ‘Man, we’re friends.’ Just a dark, dark place."- Anthony Mackie.

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person: are you over bucky barnes yet



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Imagine your OTP having rough sex when suddenly Person A hits their head on the headboard of their bed.  Person B laughs so hard they can’t finish.

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based on this chat post because THAT’S REALLY DAMN CUTE ALRIGHT

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Anonymous: Are you interested in boys or girls?


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i wondered how connie would look like with more hair so i gave him some of the other guy’s hair styles and.. yeah this happened. plus sasha because why not

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im gay for pay

actually im gay for free but if you want to pay me like im not gonna say no

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So a boyband walked onto the Britain’s Got Talent stage and everyone thought they were going to sing One Direction or something typical…and then they sung Stars from Les Miserables.

This is the best thing ever. Just listen to those harmonies <3

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"Why did you dress Clyde up like a shark?"
"Miss Hudson has concerned the winter has been unduly harsh on him so she knitted several turtle cozies. I find them amusing to look at, would have been a nice way to wake up."

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If Game of Thrones has taught me anything it’s Kings are fucking weak and don’t mess with a Queen



I don’t even need to caption this WE ARE ALL THINKING THE SAME DAMN THING

Always reblog “French girl “Leo

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I don’t even need to caption this WE ARE ALL THINKING THE SAME DAMN THING

Always reblog “French girl “Leo

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when i see a clothing item i like and check the price tag


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I wanted to mess around with Elsa’s color scheme. I wanted to see her as a brunette and boom the curiosity gave birth to this ROTG AU alksjd

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